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If you're worried about burdening your loved ones with the cost of your funeral when you are no longer around a prepayment plan is the perfect solution. With these plans you can prepay for your funeral in full or spread the cost over a specified period of time. Not only will this provide you with peace of mind but it can also protect you against the rising cost of funerals. Sanderson & Co offers you a range of prepayment plans including Golden Charter Funeral Plans, so please feel free to call us to discuss one today.

Some of the key benefits of choosing a prepayment plan include:


- Golden Charter Funeral Plans

- Peace of mind for you

- Reduced pressure on your loved ones

- The ability to spread the cost

- Avoiding increases in funeral costs

Prepayment plans can help to reduce the worry for you when it comes to the cost of your funeral. In addition to this, these plans will ensure that your loved ones are not left to cope with the cost of your funeral when you are no longer around thus also reducing the pressure on them.

Affordable prepayment plans to suit your needs.

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The Key Benefits

Reducing the Worry for You

Whether you are looking to have a burial or cremation when the time comes, we can offer you a variety of prepayment plans for your funeral. This will enable you to choose a plan that suits both your needs and your budget. Our experts will provide you with assistance and advice to help ensure you select the perfect funeral plan for your needs.

Choose the Right Plan for Your Needs

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